Friday, July 26, 2013

SIde Note

Oh and tell Becky and Brad they're awesome!!!

Hard Korean Grammer, Sister Watching

Hey ma I was actually planning on saying sorry for the bookstore. It's because we forgot to pack notebooks and I've already used up 3 with just vocabulary grammar and a study journal. Anyways the MTC days are SO long! The days feel like weeks, but the weeks feel like days which is crazy! Honestly my favorite thing to study is when we just have personal study, during personal study we get a break from Korean and study the scriptures or PMG it's honestly the best. This week was probably the most stressful for me because grammar is really hard for me to understand. In Korean their sentences go Subject ,Object, Verb. I also just get way frustrated at the fact that I can read really fast. I can actually read Korean faster than I can English which all my teachers and the natives say is way weird, but I have NO CLUE on what I'm reading so it gets stressful.
Tell Aunt Carrie and Uncle Stan that they´re awesome and such amazing people that will be so highly blessed for everything they do. Tell Aunt Carrie to just keep having faith and that if she'll have faith embeded in her heart the power to endure will never crumble.
Also tell Taylor B. our whole zone took part in his Wednesday idea (sister watching). We call some of the sisters Bdogs, Beautiful Daughters of god. haha Anyways that's awesome that you sold the bike. How much did you get for it?  Also I still need West Points zip code.
I just want to say thank you for everything, without your great example I'd be at home asleep right now. I wish I would have helped out more but I do appreciate everything you have done for me I'm a very blessed child! I hope everything at home is going alright I hate that I left you to do everything by yourself but I know you can do it!
I may not understand all that He does for me, but I do know that all that I am, and all that I have is because he is a Father to me...
I used to look at our family as a broken family when I was younger but I've come to realize it's one of the Lords tender mercies. Heavenly Father is our gardener and he knows what he wants us to be and what is best for us. He loves us enough to cut us down so we can grown back even stronger.
I'll catch you next friday!
Love Elder Meza

Friday, July 19, 2013

Packages received, Building 4M, and TB

Hey, Mom,
      Thank you for the packages, myself and the rest of the district really appreciated it!  Sunday, Tuesday and Friday's are honestly the best.  Sunday's are so chill and for me most of the day is in Korean. Tuesdays we have the big devotionals which are just straight awesome! Gordon B. Hinckley's son spoke along with his wife. They took a panoramic picture of all of us because I guess we're the most missionaries they've ever had so they are going to hang us up on the wall.
     Side story... there is this building 4M and it's SOOO nice.  It's where the English speaking missionaries go and they put all Ktown (Korean missionaries) and the rest of the Asian speaking missionaries in the same ghetto building. So we always joke around how they are treated so much better and actually feel loved while they're learning because they have windows, REAL desks and paintings with actual real frames not just a picture of Jesus taped to our 2 by 2 window. Also they're bathrooms have real urinals not just a toilet with the door and seat ripped off.
     A kid in my zone got TB and almost got sent home so we built him a sauna. With a bed sheet we taped off the door way and turned the showers to hot and had like 15 kids on chairs just chillin there in towels we're doing it again today haha.
     So I bought a backpack and two days after they came out with a new mission rule that no missionaries can have backpacks we're only aloud to have sidebags and there's no returns on backpacks so that kinda sucks.  (From Nikko's mom, if you have a son or daughter going on a mission, don't buy a backpack, I let Nikko buy his in the MTC and we still didn't get it right.

Note to my friends coming in:

The MTC is the most boring and yet funnest thing you'll ever do. I'm not going to sugar coat it, it can get rough and you will get home sick. But when you start to question why your here and you start to get home sick just open up your Preach My Gospel and read what your purpose is.  You English speaking missionaries will have it a lot easier here over in 4M, but work hard everyday.  Make sure in personal study you get in touch with the gospel and spirit.  Love all you guys see ya when you get here.

 Love you,
Elder Nikko Meza

Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Email from MTC the first day was poo they spoke all day in Korean and I didn't know a single thing. In my district, in fact in the whole Korean branch as of Wednesday I'm the only Korean speaking Elder not going to Korea haha. So they call me princess..... Luckily my companion is already Korean so I'm learning so much faster than the rest of my district. I can already hold a conversation with what we call the pure Koreans. My district is pretty sick they're all from Logan area and all play basketball and I have a Lone Peak starter in my district so they call us the KTown All Stars haha....we don't loose.
This is random but I've gained 5lbs of just muscle because I've done over 400 push ups. Me and my district made a deal that every time we say freak, heck or just words like that we have 25 push ups.....they make me do 30 when I say <bad word> haha

The food isn't as bad but it's not that great of quality, so it's hard to digest. There's a legend that the MTC puts laxatives in their orange juice, I've been drinking orange juice like crazy just praying that it's true. I thought this would be way hard to adjust to but so far it's been pretty easy and they made me a (co district leader) but really I'm nothing haha. I've only been here a few days so there isn't much else to say but thank you for always setting a great example, you're an amazing mother, I love you.

Love Elder Meza