Saturday, July 13, 2013

First Email from MTC the first day was poo they spoke all day in Korean and I didn't know a single thing. In my district, in fact in the whole Korean branch as of Wednesday I'm the only Korean speaking Elder not going to Korea haha. So they call me princess..... Luckily my companion is already Korean so I'm learning so much faster than the rest of my district. I can already hold a conversation with what we call the pure Koreans. My district is pretty sick they're all from Logan area and all play basketball and I have a Lone Peak starter in my district so they call us the KTown All Stars haha....we don't loose.
This is random but I've gained 5lbs of just muscle because I've done over 400 push ups. Me and my district made a deal that every time we say freak, heck or just words like that we have 25 push ups.....they make me do 30 when I say <bad word> haha

The food isn't as bad but it's not that great of quality, so it's hard to digest. There's a legend that the MTC puts laxatives in their orange juice, I've been drinking orange juice like crazy just praying that it's true. I thought this would be way hard to adjust to but so far it's been pretty easy and they made me a (co district leader) but really I'm nothing haha. I've only been here a few days so there isn't much else to say but thank you for always setting a great example, you're an amazing mother, I love you.

Love Elder Meza