Friday, August 23, 2013

Package received

Dear Mom,

I got your package and thank you so much!! The bag is awesome! The week before I leave I'll be sending home the backpack Aunt Carries tupperware and anything else I might not need. Yeah the Book of Mormon is pretty awesome.(I told him it is amazing that we were given a precious book with real life hero's and we can follow their examples of keeping covenants).  It's way crazy how every time you re-read something you can take something different out! Let me know how your craft show goes and send me a picture of one, I want to see what they look like.
Also, can you find a small Korean Preach My Gospel and a small English and take it to a copy store and have them bound side by side! My mission president told me if I can get that before I come things will be a lot easier!

Mom you're the best The True to the Faith book and the Jesus the Christ have helped me so much so far you should definitely start reading them.

I was reading the Book of Mormon the other day and it asked a question and then said "Nay" (Which is Yes in Korean) and I was so confused hahah.
Anyways you're the best,  love you! I'm doing sealing's today and I'm way excited!
Lets start a scripture chain?
The other day I was reading Helaman 5 and verses 35-37 hit me hard. It reminds me a lot of me and how there was so much light in my life yet I still chose to live in the dark.

I love you,
Elder Meza

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Devotional with Elder Scott

So cleaning the temple was way cool! Our Pday got all screwed up because we have the Temple now so we are allowed to hurry and finish them. But the new Temple video is SO sick! Anyways quick spiritual thought, on Tuesday we had a devotional at the Marriot Center and this week Elder Richard G. Scott came and spoke and my whole district, and we were on the front row floor seats where his  family sit. I was able to get us the seats because we arrived there way early then I befriended the usher so long story short,  I'm awesome! Haha But honestly it was awesome he spoke on prayer and gave so many words of advice that were much needed. He gave us a blessing for the gift of tongues at the begining then at the end of his talk he looked right down at our district and said you Elders going foreign speaking...then gave the coolest blessing ever! I have it written down but its in my room so I'll share that later. I got a blessing from an apostle!!! How cool is that? The main thing that stood out to me was the thought I had at the end of his talk. I remember I just thought to myself, "this is a Apostle of God and this man bears what he knows to be true."
I leave for California September 10th!
Love you 
Love Elder Meza

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

URGENT - Album needed

I was able to email because they want you to start working on this right away.  I received an email from my mission pres. and I need to have a photo album of  me and my awesome family, me doing activities/hobbies by the time I leave the MTC. Just one that would fit nicely in my sidebag.
Thanks mom your the best I love you and know you'll be blessed!
-Elder Meza
Tell Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Peg that they're awesome and that I love them to death!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Peanut Butter bars from Carrie and Stan - Sleep over writing

Nikko's email to Uncle Stan
Yeah those peanut butter bars were amazing! And a special thanks from Elder Anderson to you and Aunt Carrie for them. The Korean is coming along. It's a bit frustrating because I can speak it very well and I know all the grammar forms, I just don't ever know what people are ever saying haha! I'm pretty excited to call home December and talk with Derek! I think I'm even more excited just to use pan-mar talking to him.

Quick funny story to tell Derek. I went on splits for a TRC lesson and Elder Anderson prayed to a hippo and told the investigator (who is a real investigator) that he looked delicious instead of saying he looked stylish! hahaha I could not stop laughing!
Dear Mom,
My favorite scripture for my plaque is D&C 122:7.
Anyways this is way random but if you find any super fat ties at a yard sale or the DI will you send them!
Tell Koby I said to stop trying to be like me. Only I am that awesome to juke out a moving car. haha.(Jakoby is Marcus's brother, he was hit by a car running across the street)
So I was going to wait until later today to email you because I'm cleaning the temple at 12:30 and I wanted to tell you something, but I decided I'd rather sleep haha. So you will have to wait until next Friday!
Yeah I've been realizing a lot lately how much I looked at life with a "me" attitude and how most of those times were really just tender mercies. I suggest to you that you read 2nd Nephi Chapter 4! It's awesome.
Love you Mom thanks for all that you do!
Love Elder Meza!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm now Korean!

Elder Meza and Elder Garrett


I'm kind of in a hurry, so this weeks letter is going to be a bit shorter. But real quick some awesome things happened this week. So our teachers are our progresive investigators and we go and teach them lessons about every other day and our goal is to have them come closer to Christ. I used to go into the lesson with a script written out in Korean and I would just read my part when it was my turn. But I slowly got away from writing it out in Korean and I started writing it out in just english. Then I went from writing it out in English to just bullet points of what I want the main points to be. But in mine and my companions lesson last Thursday I didn't have to even look at it, it was so "weird" in a way. I gave the opening prayer and for once I didn't say thank you for our family and please bless our families, and so on. I actually gave a sincere prayer and honestly I don't even know what I said. We then followed up on our previous commitments and had her read the intro of the Book of Mormon. I then told her (In Korean) that through prayer and God's Love we can know the Book of Mormon is true. Then I bore my testimony. After I bore my testimony she was starting to cry but when my companion Elder Kang bore his testimony she started bawling. We then asked if she would give the closing prayer. (Normally our P.I. pretend to give way simple prayers because they're not supposed to know that much about the church.) She gave the most sincere and amazing prayer that I have ever heard in my entire life! I had to try so hard not to cry. I have never in my life felt the spirit that strongly and I know without a doubt it's because of our Lord.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!-Devin and Ashley got a baby! - Derrick and Tawni are getting a baby!
Love you mom you're awesome.
Love Elder Meza