Sunday, September 1, 2013

Meeting Elder Anderson

I need my mission home address in Cali! 
Before I leave the MTC I need some cash for flying and to mail packages home. I just need to the small Korean PMG,  I figured out something even better! You can return the overalls I inherited a pair from the older district. I really do need though some hair wax my hair gel is gone so I mooch hardcore. Will you go to Walmart and buy Moroccan Surf Paste,  it's in like a blue little circle! Also, a couple Arizona's would be awesome with one box of Toffifay! :) but that's all I need for food haha. The whole district including my teachers say thank you for all the pens and sewing kits! This is a little random but I've lost 17lbs here haha. While everyone in my room has gained 17!

Talk to Derek and ask if he knows of any good dono books or just grammar books. Because my whole district except for me was given these way awesome grammar and dono books and I've been looking over them and they help so much! They only got them for that one day. They all got a care packages with hygiene stuff in it and such on day they leave. Its through some through University though that makes English/Korean books.
Because I'm not going to Korea and their mission president gave it to all them. I don't know the author.  I just got my flight plans! I'm literally the last one in my district to leave. I'm a solo missionary haha. Everyone leaves the morning of the 9th and my companion who is going to San Fernando leaves at a different time them me on the 10th like 5 am, but he goes to the LA airport. MY FLIGHT IS AT 8:34 AM the 10th! 
On Tuesday Elder Neil L. Anderson came and gave a very interesting talk, I did not expect that an Apostle would do an interactive discussion, it was way cool! I don't mean to brag or anything but I totally snagged those floor seats again for me and my district because I knew the guy and long story short I got to meet with Elder Anderson, talk to him one on one, and shake his hand! I didn't have my camera but it was way cool! He's an amazing guy!

Wednesday I was refered through TRC to be the "example missionary" for the new group that arrived that day to teach the new missionaries "How to begin teaching" (In PMG) It was pretty nerve racking because they were real investigators! But my teacher said it's been unreal how many times I've had to teach real investigators. She said that just normally doesn't happen in the MTC. So I'm super grateful for that opportunity!
Tell Aunt Carrie and Uncle Stan that I love them and that they're awesome and that I'm super sorry I didn't get the chance to reply but it's only because we got travel plans and had a bunch of stuff we needed to do.  And Happy Birthday to Tawni.

Mom you are such a fantastic mom and DAD. You need to give yourself more credit. Without you and your faith I would not be here. I'm so grateful I was blessed with such an amazing mom.
"We sacrifice the the things we love, we love the things we have sacrificed for." Just think about that and try to see what that means to you. Because I know what it means to me and I'm so grateful for an awesome mom like you.
D&C 97:8 
Elder Meza


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