Friday, August 23, 2013

Package received

Dear Mom,

I got your package and thank you so much!! The bag is awesome! The week before I leave I'll be sending home the backpack Aunt Carries tupperware and anything else I might not need. Yeah the Book of Mormon is pretty awesome.(I told him it is amazing that we were given a precious book with real life hero's and we can follow their examples of keeping covenants).  It's way crazy how every time you re-read something you can take something different out! Let me know how your craft show goes and send me a picture of one, I want to see what they look like.
Also, can you find a small Korean Preach My Gospel and a small English and take it to a copy store and have them bound side by side! My mission president told me if I can get that before I come things will be a lot easier!

Mom you're the best The True to the Faith book and the Jesus the Christ have helped me so much so far you should definitely start reading them.

I was reading the Book of Mormon the other day and it asked a question and then said "Nay" (Which is Yes in Korean) and I was so confused hahah.
Anyways you're the best,  love you! I'm doing sealing's today and I'm way excited!
Lets start a scripture chain?
The other day I was reading Helaman 5 and verses 35-37 hit me hard. It reminds me a lot of me and how there was so much light in my life yet I still chose to live in the dark.

I love you,
Elder Meza

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