Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Planning Youth Activities

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Hey Mom the mission front is going great! Today was transfer day and now its just me and Elder Ham in the north area, Elder Choi has gone down to the south. It's kind of funny because Elder Ham has only been out for 1 week longer than me haha. He's from Provo and was orginally born in Korea so his Korean is very good hes just not fluent. But it's really good for us because it forces our Korean to improve. Elder Ham and I were pretty much white washed into this area so we're starting from scratch haha. Me and him found this kid DJ a few weeks ago and we have met with him a few times and he is progressing so fast!!! He's super awesome and super smart! We used to always have to meet at a boba loca and now he said he'd finally rather meet at one of our churches :)
Because it was transfer day I didn't have much time to read but I really like the emails I get from Uncle Stan and Aunt Carrie.We are planning an activity around a show called "Running Man"  and I need some ideas from it. It's like a gameshow. I'm in charge of holding a game/activity called Running Man in January and we already have some good ideas but I need just a few more for it. Last year they did it and the youth really liked it and they said that it was so much fun last year and becuase they have faith that we will do a good job,  they willl invite all their non lds friends. It takes forever to get everything for it and set it up so I want to make it really good, thank you so much!

It's crazy that Dallin is already has his release date! Elder Kim gets released to a member tomorrow and will be with his parents next week. I cant believe they're both dying! He's actually going to Utah in I think in 2 weeks to visit the temple because he wants his parents to see also he's going to stop by our house because he wants to meet you and say thank you.  He's such a cool guy and a great missionary you'll love him! He told me if I come to Korean I just need to buy my plane ticket and he'll take care of everything. And he said in return when I'm home that I would do the same. I really want to be able to go to Korea after my mission. I think that would be so awesome!
You're an awesome person and an amazing mother and I know you will continue to be blessed for your great example to me and others!

Love Elder Meza
P.S. I don't want anything for christmas I just am super cold now because it's always cloudy now so if you could send some money for me to buy a sweater that would be pretty cool :)

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