Monday, November 25, 2013

Musicial Fireside

Anyways this week has been really good! We didn't get to tract as much because saturday we had a musical fireside. Elder Choi one of my previous companions is pretty much a musical prodigy and can listen to any song and just play it after hearing it and can make any song or remix anything it's SO cool!  But, he put together (He's the new DL) this musical fireside with the musical talents in our district and the youth of our branch. We made some really nice invitations for it and pretty much invited everysingle person we have ever taught because it's a really good way to bring people into the church and to feel the spirit in a non threatening environment because not everyone is then trying to baptize them haha. But all the viet. Elders came with their investigators and the white Elders did to, along with our mission president and most of our branch and Elder Kims parents, so it turned out great! We even had some extremely inactive people participate. It was awesome because two of our english class students came and they really enjoyed it and fellowshiped with some of the members and they really like our church.
So a few weeks ago we went tracting and met this korean preacher of his own church and he tried to bible bash us and when we left nobody was in a good mood except for me because I was stoked at the fact someone tried to bible bash us because I have never had that happen before. He said he wanted to invite us over again sometime to share our beliefs and my comps didnt want to go because they didn't want to bible bash but....since he offered us food as well, I insisted that we should go haha. So we ended up going met his family and some ex mormons that he brought over anyways long story short he's taken us to some really nice restaurants and he's now one of our really good friends. I know we will probably never bring him to our church because he has set up his own church that is actually growing pretty fast but a really cool thing about him is that he likes learning more about us from us because he's just an sincere truth seeker. He doesn't want to take other people's word for what our church is about. So he actually backs our church up when he hears people telling lies about mormons haha...Even at his own church he clarifies  what we believe so people don't have the wrong misconception of  who we are. Yesterday we went to his church and it was definately different.......its a "charismatic church" everyone just jams out to gospel music and kinda starts freaking out haha. But those were easily some of the nicest people I have ever met and me and Elder Ham just split up in the room and talked to as many people as we could and tried just helping as much as possible during the dinner to give a good view on mormons and we ended up teaching 2 lessons and we have a new investigator from it haha.
Anyways thats just a little bit of what happened this week!
Love you mom
Love Elder Meza 

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