Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Went to the Temple

No letter from Nikko this week.
So as much as these children of ours change when then go out, they still will never understand, until they are a parent,  the panick of a parent whom has not heard from their child.  I had the conversation with an employee of mine who reminded me that before email they waited for snail mail, which often came only every other month, and yes I feel grateful to get weekly emails.

So after Nikko's Pday came and went, I sent a few email that sounded more and more urgent.  Then I posted on his facebook page (Nikko is a facebook missionary, I'm sure you all know by now).  "What happened, are you ok, did your Pday get changed?"  Last night this is the reponse from my facebook post.  "Nah it's just we get to go to the Temple tomorrow so Temple days are Pdays!
Nice to know. Mabey that means I will hear from him tomorrow.  I will keep you all posted.

Jody (Nikko's mom)

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