Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Working on a new area

This week has been awesome! I've been talking to you a bit about how I suggested to President about opening a new area. I had gotten all the Korean district together and we discussed where we could go and what would be the best place. So after serving in the North (currently located in Anaheim) I realized how much time we waste traveling in that area because the north area only works in Fullerton because it's pure Koreans and it takes about 30-45 minutes to get to depending on what time of the day. Well this week  I was able to get the korean district to meet with president to disucss opening a new area and to relocate the north. I conducted the meeting and presented why moving the north would be good. He did agree with that and then I presented a request to open a new area that we would call "West" so instead of North, Central and South we will have north, east west, south. Central's house and south  will just stay where they are and central will now be called east. Part of the problem is central's area is to big. Idk if you know a lot about orange county and the geography of it. But central currently covers cypress hawaiin gardens to hunington beach all the way up to yorba linda haha. So the far west side of orange county and the far east side of long beach will be the new west area. And there is only one avaible house in far west garden grove and I guess it used to have missionaries but its super ghetto and the area is kinda rough so they took those missionaries out but I found out that those same apartments is where 2 inactive and a 1 less active families live and they will only let missionaries visit and the the less active family used to be one of our strongest families and he used to be our elders qourm teacher so I really want to bring them back. Our housing coordinator really doesn't want to put us there but I begged to have us live there because its the only place to make the new area work and run well, and so he said if  I get to open up the new area we can do it haha. So something cool to note is I'm the first missionary to talk president into opening a new area and picking where current ones go!
Also I have an amazing plan to open and start a huge english class with classes of 40 people at the church and we will also do a citizenship class. I'm almost done translating the materials we would use and we just finished the citizenship book I'll tell you more about it next week. I plan to get everything for citizenship class finished by the 15th and we even might get funds to get us a projector and 2 laptops. Also I met a lady who  runs all the newspapers in Orange and she's good friends with the lady who runs the Korean newpaper so she is letting us put adds in the Newspaper and I hear a buisness is going to call us soon and might donate and do a story on us so I'm super excited I'll let you know how it goes!
Thank you mom I love you!
Love Elder Meza

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