Friday, August 9, 2013

Peanut Butter bars from Carrie and Stan - Sleep over writing

Nikko's email to Uncle Stan
Yeah those peanut butter bars were amazing! And a special thanks from Elder Anderson to you and Aunt Carrie for them. The Korean is coming along. It's a bit frustrating because I can speak it very well and I know all the grammar forms, I just don't ever know what people are ever saying haha! I'm pretty excited to call home December and talk with Derek! I think I'm even more excited just to use pan-mar talking to him.

Quick funny story to tell Derek. I went on splits for a TRC lesson and Elder Anderson prayed to a hippo and told the investigator (who is a real investigator) that he looked delicious instead of saying he looked stylish! hahaha I could not stop laughing!
Dear Mom,
My favorite scripture for my plaque is D&C 122:7.
Anyways this is way random but if you find any super fat ties at a yard sale or the DI will you send them!
Tell Koby I said to stop trying to be like me. Only I am that awesome to juke out a moving car. haha.(Jakoby is Marcus's brother, he was hit by a car running across the street)
So I was going to wait until later today to email you because I'm cleaning the temple at 12:30 and I wanted to tell you something, but I decided I'd rather sleep haha. So you will have to wait until next Friday!
Yeah I've been realizing a lot lately how much I looked at life with a "me" attitude and how most of those times were really just tender mercies. I suggest to you that you read 2nd Nephi Chapter 4! It's awesome.
Love you Mom thanks for all that you do!
Love Elder Meza!

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