Saturday, August 3, 2013


I'm kind of in a hurry, so this weeks letter is going to be a bit shorter. But real quick some awesome things happened this week. So our teachers are our progresive investigators and we go and teach them lessons about every other day and our goal is to have them come closer to Christ. I used to go into the lesson with a script written out in Korean and I would just read my part when it was my turn. But I slowly got away from writing it out in Korean and I started writing it out in just english. Then I went from writing it out in English to just bullet points of what I want the main points to be. But in mine and my companions lesson last Thursday I didn't have to even look at it, it was so "weird" in a way. I gave the opening prayer and for once I didn't say thank you for our family and please bless our families, and so on. I actually gave a sincere prayer and honestly I don't even know what I said. We then followed up on our previous commitments and had her read the intro of the Book of Mormon. I then told her (In Korean) that through prayer and God's Love we can know the Book of Mormon is true. Then I bore my testimony. After I bore my testimony she was starting to cry but when my companion Elder Kang bore his testimony she started bawling. We then asked if she would give the closing prayer. (Normally our P.I. pretend to give way simple prayers because they're not supposed to know that much about the church.) She gave the most sincere and amazing prayer that I have ever heard in my entire life! I had to try so hard not to cry. I have never in my life felt the spirit that strongly and I know without a doubt it's because of our Lord.
Happy Birthday Grandpa!-Devin and Ashley got a baby! - Derrick and Tawni are getting a baby!
Love you mom you're awesome.
Love Elder Meza

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