Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference Was Awesome

Confrence was awesome! And I got some great notes I don't have enough time  to really share them though.
It kinda sucks how much money I have to spend. Sometimes we will have to drive more than an hour away for appts and ex. and it takes way to much time to drive all the way back home for food and just is so ineffective. And since we are in the Irvine area food is so expensive even at grocery stores haha. President Bowen knows how hard it is for us finacially as the Korean District but he says as long as we do our best and make sure we always work as hard as we can and are 100% obedient we will be blessed a long with our families. So I'm sorry that I have to spend so much.
Anyways I had to help with transfers today which took most of the day so I don't have much time. But I can't believe it snowed!? It's like 80 degrees here haha I love it. That's awesome that our ward is growing, do the best you can to make them feel welcomed at our church! Yeah we are a branch not a ward and all 3 areas of the korean district attend the same church every week. So I will be going to the same church for the next 2 years, which I think is pretty cool because you get so much closer with the members and they help out so much more then members of english wards do. I'm way close already with our members and can already tell how sad it's going to be when I have to leave. I love these people so much!
Not to many stories to share this week because the funeral took a lot of our time. By the way we were the first missionaries in history to ever help run and preform at a funeral. Because normally missionaries are not even allowed to attend a funeral. But because of how different our mission is, an apostle (David Bednar) has told us that we aren't just the average missionaries our white handbook rules may not always apply because we are not simply missionaries we are ward members as well. So it's pretty awesome I feel very blessed!
For my b day I just want my soft layton blanket. and if it's to much to ship then just toffifay and some money for sweaters.

Sorry I'm at the library today and the internet is straight poo so I can only send 1 picture. But these are some of the youth in my branch. The tiny little girl and the girl behind me are my favorite! The little ones name is Angel and she is the cutest little girl ever she says I'm here favorite :) The other one just looks like an angel hahah but her name is Alice and she is the 2nd counclers daughter and he expects me to be  a future son in a law hahaha

I have to go now, so I will email you next Monday, on my birthday!!

Elder Meza

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  1. That's just awesome! He is doing great and what a blessing it is to see him grow.