Monday, October 28, 2013

No Halloween Party

We aren't allowed to do jack squat on halloween! (I asked) But our Branch is having a trunk or treat so I'm pretty stoked. haha. Mom I'll be in the same branch with the same members at the same church for the next 2 years no matter what area I'm in haha. (once again, I asked) I'm so happy it's that way because I actually get to know everyone in my branch on personal basis. (btw. I am close to being only the 2nd American missionary to memorize every members full name. because of the last name I just need to remember...lee,kim,park and choo hahah)
Nope I'm still in a trio and I really like them, they're pretty awesome, except for the fact that one speaks perfect english and the other speaks good english so they always speak english to me so I have to constantly remind them to only speak Korean haha.
You should get a real hobby besides sewing. Try BMX or water polo perhaps?

This week has been pretty chill not a ton happened because we had so many meetings haha. BUT yesterday  2 of our investigators came to church James Kim and 이진태! 이진태 and our companionship made a "righteous exchange" we really needed a lot of people at church this sunday because the stake council was there to see if we were even eligible to be a branch. So we begged and begged and brought as many people as we could. Even Koreans that go to English wards came to help us which was awesome. But 이진태 said he would come if we came to his church at 7pm because they had a famous singer coming and he wanted us to come and he had already bought tickets. So we got the okay to go to the bethal church, and pretty much that was the coolest thing ever! I was literally the only non Korean out of thousands of people it was a huge laid back concert and this lady name 소향 was the main person, wow she was amazing!! And she was very easy on the eyes as well haha. and they had this dude from the top 4 american idol finalist their as well. It was way cool! We had to take a shuttle there and it was so packed you could barely wiggle around in there. I tried talking to everyone and placed mine and my 2 of my companions Korean Book of Mormon's. No one else was to interested though since we were on a shuttle to the bethal church haha.
Can you send any pictures of me playing football and basketball also the senior football photo of me and you. and my old church shoes (they went out with the last yard sale). THANK you!
Love Elder Meza

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