Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Working with less actives is great!

I love our mission pres. and his wife they are so awesome! President Bowen is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We have Korean Vietmanse Tongan Spanish and Samoan Missionaries as well. But someone can always speak english in them so they're ok haha. We have district meetings every thursday and that is the same day that we get our mail. MY zone has the korean and the vietmanese elders in it along with one english speaking district. We are a lot closer with the Viet. Elders.
District meetings are good I always get something new out of it and I always am able to improve my teaching skills that way. I used to have to help set up DM and help run them since I always had a district leader comp. But now that its just me and Elder Ham I finally get to just arrive at a normal time and sit back and do role plays like everyone else haha it's pretty nice.
Last Zone confrence we had Elder Ellis come and speak to us and he is way funny it was really good. The word on the streets is that the next zone confrence we have Elder Bednar will be here....so i'm getting pretty pumped for that. Zone confrence and zone training are my favorite I always learn so much! I have really good zone Leaders that i have been able to get pretty close with they're way funny! One of my zone leaders Elder Rogers feels the same pain as me....(He's also a Dallas Cowboys fan) hahaha. So we connected pretty quick.
Our Pdays aren't like real pdays. Since me and Eldfer Ham pretty much got white washed into the North area we go get our emails done then go do studies and then tract all day. We have no real investigators except for 2. So all our time is spent on finding. But mostly P days we work with less actives. I love working with less actives and I focus a lot of my attention on them. Our branch has so many less actives it's crazy. Also those people once had a testimony so I just do what it takes to get the fire lit again...Me and Elder Ham last week went through our area book and called every single less acctive in our area (Over 30+) people! We have found out a lot of them were either just offended or have moved. That's one of the perks of being a missionary is that most of the less actives won't meet with members only missionaries because they already know our intentions since they were once active. Elder Kim is the reason i work so much with less active because he was the only one that found them to be important so he passed down that conection to me.  I' ve seen so many families slowly but surely change. So in our branch our branch pres. comes to us for less active info because he knows we'll care about them. I have  a strong testimony for less active work because shoot I was pretty much inactive for a few years and wanted nothing to do with church and I've seen how just a simple friend who is strong in the church can change one's whole lifestyle. So thats what i'm trying to do and I really love working with them because theyre so kind and normally were just offeneded at one point.
Anyways we gave one of my investigators Yoo Gene a baptism date and he's progressing super fast! He used to be a "Eternal Investigator" But he's finally changing and there's a lot more to his story but i'll let you know more about him when we meet up with him again.
Love you
Love Elder Meza

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