Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Short and sweet

Dear Mom
Yeah I loved the package! I think if you wouldn't have sent tuna I would have gone 2 years without it because it's one of those little things I just don't think about. Me and my comp were gratefull because we both love tuna!
I liked the jacket but it was to big and i'm going to just get a sweater. I need a sweater so I don't have to wear my suit jacket. :)
Tell Aunt carrie I also loved her package and with all that garland me and Elder Ham are going to go decorate our investigators house the one I told you about last week. She's having a rough time and will be alone these holidays and she will get to be with her daughter and she wants us to spend the afternoon with her and her daughter so I'm stoked! :) I'm not sure when I will be skyping yet. It's not really hard me to get access to skype so just you tell me the time and I'll be there haha
I love you
사랑으로 김 인수 장로
엄마님 사랑해요!

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