Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Happy New Year to all,
Transfer day! I've been transfered back to my home town of the Irvine. My last companion Elder Ham is  in the english program for now haha. Oh and by the way I'm a trainer! :) My son comes on the 14th. He is straight from Boosan so I'm pretty excited since he can't speak english haha! I was pretty upset that they transfered me to the south and put my companion in the english program because they totally white washed our area! But I'm glad we took good care of our area book to help out the missionaries in that area now. The day before transfers we told our investigator that is our most progressing (the one from the Grand Canyon) that either me or Elder Ham would be leaving the area and she got up and left bawling her eyes out. It was so sad I almost cried seeing her cry. She has really become someone I care about and we have a very good realtionship built on trust. By the way she has a baptismal date so I'im super stoked and happy for her. It's so crazy how Elder Kim found her on a tour bus and reffered her to us. But anyways the night of transfers she called us and asked which one of us is staying and we told her that we were both going and she broke down so hard, I felt so bad so we got permission from the the north team to pick her up in the south!
After skyping on Christmas I went to Corona with that same investigator and met her daughter for the first time who is 8 and we ate and played tennis. I used the stocking you sent and filled up with some candy and we bought her a bionacal (she loves bionacals) and we gave her it.
It made me think of the christmas when I went to my dads and how you weren't sure if pops would give me presents so you went all out haha. I kept thinking that whole day, even though I'm tired and can't stop thinking about the family and seeing Marcus and Tayla, I want this christmas to be the best christmas this little girl has ever had. Because shes only 8,  she doesn't really understand whats going on so I just did everything I could to help her have fun. And it was a great day that little girl called me a couple days later and asked when I could play again ,haha it made me smile.
Take care! Sorry since its transfer day i don't have much time.
Happy birthday mom and grandma!!
Love Elder Meza

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