Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A new area?

This week has been just a very typical week.  One
cool thing though is our recent convert is making SO much progress. At
first she didn't even want to come to our Korean branch and she now
she comes to all activites and atteneds church, she even called us
yesterday and asked about modesty and what she can do to be better.
Its so awesome I can see her serving a mission and being an amazing
missionary! Also I 'vv been praying a ton on what to do to find
Korean people to teach because the work is super poopy when it comes
to tracting in the south. Everyone here in Irvine is flippin
Chinese!!! So I was praying and I felt that I should go look at our
areas and see who covers what area and see why we weren't having success. It then
hit me, it's because our location isn't very good. The north team lives
in Anaheim but has to drive 35 min north everyday to go tract in
Fullerton and La mirada because in Anaheim its just Mexicans. Also
Central has messed up boundaries haha so I suggested to pres. that now
we have enough elders that we could open a new area and move the
norths apartment and he think that would be a good idea as well haha.
So this saturday I'm meetting with him to discuss where we should and
what we will do with companions and he's asked me to open the area so
I'm super stoked! The other new area will be actually in the Long
Beach Mission but it will cover Cerritos Hawaaiin Gardens and Fountian
Valley and Hunigton Beach! so I'm pretty excited.

This upcoming week we have zone confrence and I have been asked along
with another one of the tech elder so speak on staying focused on FB
and keeping to our purpose and then I get to talk a little about Nate.
FB is so weird I hate tracting on it but yesterday I had 3 other
lesson and got a new english class student so I can't complain to much
haha. Anyways I'm about to drag my district to zone activity and
literally drag them hahah  these Korean's hate sports but ill teach em
Love you mom
Love Elder Meza

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