Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Got the Ipad!!

Hey mom running man went way better than expected! The Elders quorm of my branch said they'd make food, so we estimated around maybe 30 people for burgers and what not. 50+ people came! So luckily since we are the Korean branch we had back up raymen in all of our cars and everyone got fed! About 10 people were non members that showed up and they loved it and we are now actually teaching all of them but one so it turned out amazing and the youth had a lot of fun with it and were super appreciative so I was very happy with it.
This last week has been the busisest week of my entire mission. Last week I had to finalize everything for running man. My friend Nate was baptized! :) I had to prepare a talk in Korean for the baptism and I have had 2 -  4 hour meetings with the Ipads and only 10 people in the mission know a code that disables and enables certain things on your Ipad and since I'm one of them I have to go through and put the codes in on every single Ipad! Plus I'm still in the middle of training my son. But I like it. I really like having responsibilty I think I work better when I  do.
Anyways the I pad are way cool its way weird to use that instead of a planner I'm kinda bummed that I don't get to take a bunch of planner homes anymore.  Also its crazy that our area books are in there to it actually is 10x more convient now. I have another 2 -2hour meetings this week on I pads and training new people so that should be fun.
Back ground info real quick on our recent convert: she is a home stay student from Korea and actually lives with members and they are white so they attend the local ward. Her mom actually served an LDS mission so she was pretty familar with the church but her pops is an anti mormon so idk how that relationship works ...but love is love haha)
Anyways it made me gain a huge testimony of the spirit and how he works because one day 차정은 texted us saying she wanted to be baptized and we thought it was the language barrier between her and her home stay family (sister Powers) so we called her and asked and she really just wanted to be baptized it was crazy haha we couldn't believe it! This is where it gets cool. Her mom came to visit from Korea last monday and could only stay for 1 day and so her host family took her and her mom to the church saying there was an activity going on and she escorted her to the baptismal font and told her mom "Mom these missionaries have been teaching me the last 3 weeks (pointing to us) and said I'm getting baptized in 10 minutes" her mom started balling and walked out of the room she was so happy it was the coolest thing I've ever seen! I even gave a talk on the gift of the holy ghost in Korean it was just really awesome!
btw she now is preparing to go serve a mission of her own!!!! Its crazy how the spirit works because we weren't seeing any progression in her at all, and one day we just left the usual commitment to pray about our message and she said she did and she just felt like that would be the right choice so I'm super grateful for the way God works.
I got your packages thank you so much.
Yeah I'll need some money for a new pair of shoes because it is no where to be found.
Thank you mom I love you!
Love Elder Meza!

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