Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baptism from Skype

Today was our quarterly asian zone conference at the mission home so that was fun as always.  Its crazy I've already been out for over 6 months. Time really does fly out here. I've already decided I'm going to extend a transfer because I got jived being at the mtc for over a transfer haha. All the libraries were closed yesterday so I couldn't email but this week has been great! My new companion can only speak little to no english. My Korean is barely better than his english haha so its way funny!
So because of me we can now go to bath house when ever new elders come and yep we did it again, I made my companions procelyte in bath house haha. I told my companions that if they didn't get at least one  lesson each I wasn't going to take them to our member meal that night haah, but of course I was joking. But it did work we each got an other lesson and I got this man named Bill contact info.
I have to hurry because we have a lesson coming up. But this week was the first time I translated and it was SO hard haha I've never had to be more focused then that in my whole life! We got a referal from some english speaking elders and she is Golden and we meet her again tomorrow so I'm very excited for that. When I came to the south I realized how uneffective tracting is in Irvine since everyone is so rich they don't need any instead after talking with President Bowen and getting funds from a local Korean bank, I'm starting a english and a citizenship class. We now advertise for that while we tract and I expect big things to come from it! Also Running Man is coming soon and I decided to try and make it secretly churchy so the theme is "inception" and I'm tying inception into Lehi's dream and they'll get a lihahona to guide them through the game and what not so it should be really fun we are expecting a huge turn out. 

On Feb.1st my good friend from CHS Nate is getting baptized, I don't know if you remember him but it is the first baptism in the mission to come from skype and we have gotten special permission to skype during the baptism I'm super happy for him. It's so crazy talking to Nate through Skype about the gospel because we were both stupid kids in high school and we always did dumb stuff together and we would laugh saying we never could have ever pictured us both being where we are now and now he's getting baptized so its just awesome to see how the gospel can change the lives of so many including my own.

My new comp Elder Park is from Busan. He's so freaking funny! He found out what deoderant is and freaked out about it because Korean people don't where deo because they don't sweat, like no joke. He's a convert. He was converted in 07 and I feel way bad because his parents write on his FB asking him to come home and just saying how much they miss him and want him to just come and I can't even imagine how hard that would be. It reminds me a lot of Elder Kim but he's handling it very well and instead of getting discouarged or doubting his faith he just bares his testimony instead.

Love you mom!
 Love Elder Meza

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  1. Wow, he's having amazing experiences and is so creative in "thinking outside of the box". Wonderful that his friend is getting baptized and he'll see it through Skype. Yes, missionary work is entering into a whole new realm.