Monday, January 27, 2014

1 Shoe Down

I got the box thank you mom! I do need more vitamins because my trainee can't really read english so he just thought they were candy and he ate half the bottle while I was in the shower! hahaha  He had a very upset stomach for the rest of that day. haha But those aren't the pants I was talking about haha but thank you because they did have $5 in them that I bought bobba with :) The khaki light tan pants are the ones I can wear!
We got permission to skype but idk if I'm going to because I feel like that is a little irreverent so I'm still deciding on what to do. Yeah I'm sure you would remember Nate we called him Ktuck or Kentucky and he had a super bad southern accent you would always say he was one of your favorites because he was super polite. But I'm super happy for him now its just time to end this drought in the Korean branch! He's getting baptized Feb1st.
Yeah I really like that family we did service for, the old lady Sister Lee and is probably one of my favorites in the ward. Shes so nice and she always gives us free kimchi! :)  I sat with her yesterday at church and Sister Choo turned around and said "why" I said "why what" she said "out of everyone here and those beautiful girls over there why do you sit with Sister Lee" (Sister Choo loves to mess with me because I'm pretty much the only missionary that can take it and I'm the only missionary who will mess with her back. But Sister Lee and Sister Choo are friends, so it's ok.  Shes the person who lets me skype at her house for skype lessons) And I said well because I like Sister Lee and she is just as pretty as the others.(Shes super old like older than grandma so its okay haha) and they both just laughed and AT THE SAME TIME pinched my cheeks and said " Oh poopy puppy" which is just a way of saying someone is cute haha
Running man is going good so far I've been pretty stressed about it actually but its all coming together now. every running man episode has a theme and the theme I came up with is "inception" and I'm tying that into Lehi's dream. And theres a bunch of different activities but each team will have a portable dvd player and a usb that plays a little video that gives clues on how to prepare for the next event and that will be there liahona and the person in the video is the Holy ghost and the last game is capture the flag and the team who wins the previous activity will get an extra flag called the flag of liberty and we have these silver spray painted pvc pipes that are going to be the flag poles and there flag has to endure to the end and hold on to the iron rod haha. I tried to make it churchy but secretly haha.

P.s. the mission office just called me and I have now been moved from being a full time regular misisonary to a Korean speaking tech Elder haha. Yeah idk what that even means! But pretty much I have to go to the mission office like everyday now and I'm being trained on the Ipads and how to use them and then I will go train part of our mission on the Ipads. I dont know why I got choosen for training, I 'm tech retarted haha so we will see how this goes!

Yeah I got a letter from Bro. Jenkins and from the youth in our ward. And pretty much I guess we have a bunch of new kids in our ward? Thats pretty cool then. But I really need to write him back I've just been super busy lately but I think I will just send something back through FB. 
We have a golden investigator!!!!! Yeah I'm pretty much super freaking happy about it because it never happens in the Korean culture over here but it just shows me that my prayers aren't going unheard and when I do everything that I need to do and everything I can do God pretty much has no other choice but to bless us with someone to teach. 

I finally was able to have a meeting this week with president about English class and he likes the way I presented it to him and what I would do with the money if I were to be funded and how I would turn english class into a finding method. And so he has to now get okay through salt lake but within the next couple weeks I should able to start an english class and citizenship class and I'm super excited about it. Because here in Irivine trackting is a struggle. Prophets, apostles, my misison president and the scriptures always say to find the poor in spirit. But covering Irvine and Newport everyone is super filthy rich!!! So I've been praying a lot on what to do because when I was in Cerriotos and Anaheim area I loved tracting because its not as wealthy so people are way more willing to listen. Anyways I've been praying like crazy on help and for simply just patience on not to give up or what I should do. And that day I was at Target getting materials for Running Man and this Korean lady about mid 30's in front of me was paying for her stuff and she couldn't understand the cashier and her kids were being roudy and she just started to cry. I asked her if she was korean and ended up translating for her and she asked how come I could speak fluent english and some korean so we talked for a bit and she said she'd pay us to teach english and I told her I already have a small group of people of around 6 that I teach english for free, and right there BINGO haha. Its really awesome because I thought everyone is super rich here the Koreans and chinesse people are probably the most poor in spirit a lot of people have just moved here from korean and don't speak much english if any and they're in a place where they can get by with only speaking Korean but it is still very inconvient at times and also a ton of teens and adults stress so hard about the test and citizenship class so these people are able to see through us helping them that the mormons arent crazy devil worshipers and that we truly care about them. And when these people are learning a new language thats super hard they get frustrated and will sometimes just break down and tell us everything about their life so it then builds this bridge of trust. Yeah so as you can see I'm super happy for this to get started because this is what the viet elders do and last year they had an all time high of 8 baptisms and their goal was 4 and they all came from english class. I've set our district goal at 10 and I think we can reach our goal.
Love you mom, thank you for everything. Tell Brad thank you so much for his letters I appreciate them so much they always make laugh or smile because he always adds in some news from back home or high school sports updates. I just have not a lot of time to hand write back so I feel bad but tell him I'm super appreciative! 
Love Elder Meza
Please send me my khaki pants :) also if you could with the pants send me my other church shoes my penny loafer slip on's. one of my shoes got stolen at a member meal because we take our shoes off outside the house. But seriously 1 shoe! like who does that!? haha. That's not even because they needed a pair of shoes they're just being punks when they take 1 shoe. hahaha

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