Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Happy Birthday Aunt Carrie, you are the best!!

This week was way awesome! A lot of good things happened this week and I think this week more than ever I have noticed progression in the language the most! I'm really excited for tomorrow though we get our new missionary! :) I'm so excited to be a trainer. Sorry I'm super busy because we need to clean up and wash our car and get ready for the new elder and I still need to get a haircut.
Something cool I found out this week about myself: I know what I want to do for the rest of my life now. Being on my mission I've been able to learn so much just about myself and one thing I've really come to notice is how well I do with kids. When elders have a teaching appt and the family has little kids they always bring me because they know I can interact well with them. So I've decided I really want to become a doctor maybe even a pediatric doctor but I really want to do like ER type stuff. I know I have a long way until this happens but it was something cool I learned about myself. 
So quick story my friend Nate Agnew from Clearfield is in the military and long story story short we got to skype teach him and he's being baptized! :) My first baptism is a white boy who I was friends with and is going to Japan! 

I love you!
Love Elder Meza

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