Monday, January 6, 2014

Cookbooks from Nikko's Aunt Carrie (my sister)

So my sister published an incredible cookbook that everyone should send with all newlyweds and missionaries.  She sent it to all of our missionaries in the field and they are loving it. When I skyped Nikko at Christmas he said that they used the direction on how to clean the fridge already.  It is called Carrie's Cooking For Keeps, available on Amazon in a download or book.
 So Carrie asked Nikko what kind of treat he wanted, and this was the response.

Look Familiar? This is a recipe from your cook book. My companion really loves cooking and he is very good at it haha he loves your cook book he's always looking through it! We didn't quite have enough eggs this morning but my comp made due with what we had and made us those egg wrapped in ham muffin things this morning. Holy cow it was scrumptious!
ummm those lemon cookies you sent last time were awesome and so are your peanut butter bars as always.
Thank you so much!
Love Elder Meza

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