Monday, January 6, 2014

Teaching on Facebook!

(I asked Nikko if he was in contact with any of the guys that were out in the field)
Yeah I still talk to a few of the guys, mainly just Stockton though. But Like Andrew and John normally email every week and TFox as well. Yeah I had no idea Jayden Garcia was in Texas haha (waiting for his VISA) I thought he was in Africa, that's crazy I wonder if he does language study in the mornings.
I've lost around 16lbs on my mission but I've never been this fat haha I loose weight like crazy but I'm just getting super out of shape haha. Our new apartment in Irvine has a super nice Gym so we go every morning and I'm starting to get back to the stallion that I am.
My son comes next tuesday so I'm super stoked for that, but a bit nervous at times I fell inadequate due to my Korean but I know president gets divine revelation for his missionaries so I know training will work out just fine!
Facebook is SO dope! We teach lessons up the wahoo on Facebook. It's 10x easier to find people haha its crazy how much nicer people are and its a lot easier to find younger famillies now!
If you find my brown pants will you send them? Please :) they're like the blue ones you sent but only brown. My shirts are getting GIANT around my neck because of how much weight I've lost. I don't understand how I can loose weight and still get fatter at the same time. Makes no sort of sense haha.
Yesterday I committed all the youth to bring at least 1 friend to running man (youth activity Nikko has been getting ready for.) and they all said they would show I'm pretty stoked about the turn out we will have. It should be really fun! I've been stressin hard core trying to make it perfect. a lot of my time lately has been focused on running man but we did have a few awesome spiritual experiences this week. I think 2 sundays ago was the first time I was able to see how important the sacrament is for myself. The more I've studied the atonement the more I see how important and how great the sacrament is. It's truly a blessing. I've been studying the atonement a lot lately because it's something that is just so hard to grasp. Like  I understand what it is and I know what it is but sometimes its hard to apply for yourself. I've really noticed the atonement in my life on my mission, espically with learning Korean. Korean has tried my patience more than anything in this world haha. I noticed I was starting to get a little on edge and I was getting easily frustrated and I found myself constantly praying to not loose my temper. Then one night during nightly prayers for some reason it just clicked. I'm now able to see that the atonement isn't just for our sins but everything. Any trial we have god is there to help us and he his able to do so through the atonement we just have to let him is all :)
Anyways I'm short on time
Lovel Elder Meza

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